Trek Remedy 29 musings or is it a review?

About a year ago I purchased a 2014 Remedy 8 29er.  With out riding it I mostly stripped it and built it up with some really nice parts.  All XTR 2×10 minus the Crank, which became an XT with 24/36 Raceface Chainrings.  Installed a newly released 29er Pike RCT3 Dual Position Air.


First impression of the Remedy is that it was a big bike.  Just how tall it has to be to get 140mm of travel and a 29er wheel to fit.  But once I got on it and started pedaling that concern mostly disappeared.  I bought a size 21″ based essentially on the geometry charts alone, and one Demo ride on a size 19.5″.  The Remedy 29 has a pretty short effective top tube.  The 21in has a shorter top tube than most of Trek’s 19″ mountain bike models.  I’m 6’1″ and I think the fit on a 21″ is perfect for me.

I was initially disappointed in the way the bike handled.   After riding it and realizing it isn’t a XC race bike I adjusted to it.  I lowered the stem a spacer and flipped it for a more aggressive position.  I also ran the Mino Link in the slack, lower setting.   The mino link is located at the pivot point where the seat stays meet the linkage.  You can run it high to raise the bottom bracket and steepen the head angle or low to do the opposite.   I did this within a month of owning it and never changed it back.  Now it climbs well and descends well.

Speaking of climbing.  This bike is no XC race machine. That being said, it climbs pretty well.  From rocky loose stuff, to really steep fire roads, it can do it all.  Run the shock in the Climb setting and you will have a very firm platform to get up a hill or fire road with very little suspension movement.  Yet, it will still move if you forget to change the setting when you hit a rock or descent.

But how does it go down?  The Remedy 29 is a great bike for going down a mountain.  Nice geometry for switchbacks, great tire size for crushing rocks.  Even though the bike is physically big I never had any issues in tight corner.  The slack for a 29er geometry works really well for drops, jumps, and rock gardens.

It’s hard to believe how versatile this bike has been.  I have done everything on it in the last year.  I bought this bike primarily for use at Snow Summit and racing Enduro/Super D.  It shines in technical terrain and steep descents.  Three plus hour XC rides were fine as well, sure it weighs 31 lbs, but all things considered it wasn’t a problem.

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2 thoughts on “Trek Remedy 29 musings or is it a review?

  1. And now……. The 650b version.

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